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Jennifer Day
Founder and CEO

Jennifer Day is a Publicist, CEO of Daylight Media Corporation, Influencer and Managing Broker Owner of Daylight Realty, Inc. and Coldwell Banker. Some of the highlights of Ms. Day’s career include: Corporate Television Executive, Executive Producer, Financial Analyst positions in Fortune 500, educator, speaker, and administrative roles in Cook County government.

Through Daylight Media, Day currently assists her clients in a variety of facets through her agency such as: public relations, social media promotion, branding, marketing, advertising, management, finance, operations, promotional tie-ins, and event planning.


She also manages and advises clients on selecting & purchasing airtime for television, radio, print, internet and billboards, as well as managing their on-going media placement accounts. As managing broker at Coldwell Banker, Ms. Day handles sales negotiation, and exchange of residential and commercial real estate.

Day holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance, and several professional licenses. Her company holds MBE,WBE and BEP certifications. She has been featured in many publications, and received a variety of scholastic and professional honors throughout her career.


Ms. Day is actively involved in her community. Some of her interests include; acting, photography, music, sports, politics, travel, theater, and networking.

She is an avid supporter, member, mentor, and contributor of a variety of performing arts, media, television, radio, film, youth, and event based organizations.

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